ser det ut som att jag sörjer dig?

- Tröja Zara -

everything will be okay

Hey you, gorgeus.

I know that the weather might not be perfect. You might have to turn your back to the wind,
or feel the cold nipping at your nose. But you know what?
At least you are there to feel it, at least you can enjoy the sun´s warm rays on your face.
Or that cold February wind biting your cheeks.
You know what that means?

You are alive.
Everything will be okay.


Finaste Emmy by me


- Väska Vila - Linne BikBok - Halsband GinaTricot -

I got some news

- New shoes from Scorett -


- Skor Monki - Väska Nelly - Tröja Vila


Should I, should I not?

See, the thing is that you don´t give a f*ck after a while.

Emmy by me

tips från coachen

When people expect things from you,
then give them what they don´t expect.

Although I´ve made up my mind, my heart is refusing me.

- Skor Monki - Skjorta Monki - Halsband Vero Moda - Skinnhandskar Monki -

like a butterfly Imma spread my wings

- Tröja Cheap Monday - Skor Monki -

Never seen before pictures

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